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Monitor VESA Mounts

The 75/100 VESA mounts are compatible with POS mounts, single or back-to-back VESA mounts. Most of our single or dual VESA mounts come with adjustable height. All our VESA mounts can tilt and swivel.
75/100 VESA monitor mount for POS arm

75/100 VESA monitor mount for POS arm

The 75/100 VESA mount with a cable exit on the center has been designed to mount monitors with the ports on the rear and center part of the monitor. Facilitates the installation of monitor with VGA interface
75/100 VESA monitor mounts: This specification indicates that the VESA mounts are compatible with displays or devices that have VESA mounting hole patterns of either 75x75 mm or 100x100 mm. Many monitors and POS displays adhere to these standards, ensuring broad compatibility with Techpole's mounts.

Single or Dual Configuration: Customers have the flexibility to choose between single or dual VESA mounts. Single mounts are suitable for individual monitor, while dual mounts allow for the mounting of two monitors in either a side-by-side or back-to-back.

Height Adjustability: The height-adjustable feature adds versatility to the mounts, allowing users to adjust the height of the monitor for ergonomic comfort. This is particularly beneficial in POS setups where employees may have varying height preferences.

Back-to-Back Configuration: For dual VESA mounts, the ability to configure displays back-to-back provides additional flexibility in POS setups. This configuration maximizes space efficiency and allows for simultaneous interaction with two monitors.

By offering VESA mounts with these features, Techpole provides customers with versatile solutions that can accommodate various POS display configurations while ensuring ease of installation and adjustment.