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Create your own OctoPos Mounting Solution at the POS

Create your own OctoPos Mounting Solution at the POS
Techpole Octopos

Our Octopos system is a set of supports for point of sale terminals, ready to anchor to the box or counter furniture.
The Octopos system allows to organize the different peripherals of the TPV by means of articulated arms and a support tailored to each peripheral.
To begin, you must decide what type of base or foot you need for your application.
They are available in different heights and diameters. For a configuration of several assemblies select a post or foot of 45 cm in diameter. They are designed to mount more peripherals. Or you can choose a 38 cm diameter foot for unique mounting applications.
For the assembly of several peripherals, a pole of 45 cm in diameter and 50 cm in height must be chosen.
To place the monitor or screen, the next step is to choose the desired VESA support, straight, angled, short or long, adjustable or fixed.
Once we have selected the type of VESA, we must think about the necessary arms to place the different peripherals. We have multiple arms of all sizes, articulated or fixed.
At the end of each arm we will place the support of each peripheral, printers, dataphones, scanners, keyboards, ID readers, banknotes, etc.

It is important that you tell us the exact model of each peripheral as well as the desired color.