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75/100 VESA monitor mount for POS arm

75/100 VESA monitor mount for POS arm

The 75/100 VESA mount with a cable exit in the center is specifically engineered to accommodate monitors with VESA 75x75 or 100x100mm mounting hole patterns. This VESA mount is designed with a convenient cable exit positioned at the center of the mount. This configuration serves two primary purposes:

Ease of Cable Management: Having a cable exit at the center of the mount simplifies the process of passing cables through the mount. The cables can be routed directly through the mount rather than having to be draped or routed around it separately.

Protection of Monitor Cables: Additionally, having the cable exit positioned at the center helps protect the monitor cables from damage or interference. The mount ensures that cables are securely guided away from potential hazards such as sharp edges or moving parts, reducing the risk of cable wear and tear over time.

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